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  • Discover the best Runtz strains of 2024: exceptional varieties with unique flavors and potent effects. Find your ideal strain and dive into the world of top-quality cannabis
  • Guide and review of the Super Runtz strain
  • Gruntz Vs Runtz: Titans’ duel
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Runtz descendants have revolutionized the cannabis scene, thanks to their intense effects, exceptional flavors, and striking colors. This article takes you on a journey through the best current Runtz strains. We will explore the most important characteristics, ensuring you find the perfect variety according to your preferences.


What is the best Runtz strain?

Determining the “best” Runtz strain can be subjective, as each offers a unique experience. Super Runtz stands out for its balanced effect and high THC content, ranging between 26% and 29%. This strain is the result of crossing Super Lemon Cherry Gelato with Runtz, providing a sweet, fruity, and citrus flavor, ideal for experienced consumers looking for an intense but balanced experience. For us, it’s not only the best Runtz but also one of the best marijuana strains of all time, as it has everything one could look for in good weed.

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Best Runtz Strain 2024

In 2024, the trend points towards strains that offer not only potency but also a rich terpene profile and balanced effects. Super Runtz sits at the top for its exceptional combination of flavor and effect, making it a popular choice among connoisseurs and therapeutic users. Pink Runtz and Black Runtz follow closely, but it’s always important to remember that this is very relative, and everyone may have their own tastes.

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Comparative Table of the 10 Runtz Strains

StrainTHC %CBD %EffectsFlavorFlowering TimeYield
Super Runtz26% – 29%LowEuphoric, relaxingSweet, fruity, citrus8-9 weeksHigh
Pink Runtz20% – 24%LowBalance of joy-relaxationTropical, sweet9 weeksVery high
Black Runtz~25%LowEnergizing, euphoricTropical, sweet8-9 weeksHigh
Rainbow RuntzHighLowMixedVery sweet and sour10 weeksMedium
Purple RuntzHighLowRelaxingGrape, fruity8-10 weeksMedium-High
White Runtz23% – 24%LowRelaxing, happySweet, earthy8-9 weeksHigh
Red RuntzNot specifiedLowStimulating, creativeRed fruits, sweet10 weeksMedium-Low
Runtz Auto20% – 25%LowBalanced, relaxingSweet, citrus70-75 days from germinationMedium
Obama RuntzHighLowRelaxing, potentEarthy, pine8-10 weeksMedium-High
Candy RuntzHighLowCreative, euphoriaSweet, tropical10 weeksMedium

The 10 Best Runtz Strains

Super Runtz

Without a doubt, it is the Runtz variety that has increased its popularity the most over the past year, and it’s no wonder, because it has it all, especially potency. The cross with Lemon Cherry Gelato gives Super Runtz an extra flavor that makes it unbeatable.

Pink Runtz

Make no mistake, it’s not a strain for Hello Kitty lovers, its THC levels are so high that they satisfy even the most tolerant consumers. Pink Runtz is ideal for outdoor cultivation due to its resistance and adaptability.

Black Runtz

It’s hard to find a more striking bud, with those colors and so few leaves… But the best thing is its aroma, faithfully represented in the flavor. Black Runtz is not only photogenic and delicious, but it’s also ideal for extractions due to its amount of resin.

Best Runtz Strains of 2024 | Pevgrow Blog (5)Best Runtz Strains of 2024 | Pevgrow Blog (6)
Buy Super RuntzBuy Pink Runtz Strain

Rainbow Runtz

A variety that combines multiple flavor and effect profiles, creating an almost kaleidoscopic experience. Runtz stands out for its striking colors, but in this case, they are multiple and beautiful.

Purple Runtz

It stands out for its visual appeal with purple hues and a deeply relaxing effect. This Runtz variety produces more flavonoids than others on this list, but in terms of potency, it is also remarkable.

White Runtz

Known for its trichome coverage that gives it a whitish appearance and a potent calming effect. The concentrates produced with this herb are of outstanding quality, and the return is higher than with other varieties.

Red Runtz

A rarity in the Runtz family, sought after for its exclusivity and intense flavors. Although it produces less weight than other strains on this list, the medicinal potency is extraordinary.

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Obama Runtz

A variety with a different touch, offering a complex terpene profile and a lasting effect. The cross with OG is perceived in the flavor and the type of effect, but it does not take away a bit of quality.

Runtz Auto

The perfect option for those looking for the distinctive attributes of Runtz in an easy-to-grow autoflowering version. Runtz Auto is ideal for beginners due to its resilience and ease of cultivation, but it is also perfect for those who want to have a quality harvest outdoors before the seasonal plants.

Best Runtz Strains of 2024 | Pevgrow Blog (8)Best Runtz Strains of 2024 | Pevgrow Blog (9)
Buy Black RuntzBuy Runtz Auto

Candy Runtz

Delicious touches of tropical fruit candies mixed with gassy notes, but don’t be fooled, because its flavor deceives and its high potency can surprise you, as the entourage effect is very noticeable.


Runtz strains offer a diverse spectrum of sensory experiences, from sweet and tropical flavors to effects ranging from euphoria to deep relaxation. The choice between these strains will depend on your personal preferences and specific needs, whether you’re looking for a creative boost, anxiety relief, or just to enjoy a moment of calm. If you like this type of articles and are a fan of American strains, I advise you to take a look at this other article that showcases the best Kush varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most potent Runtz strain?

Strains like Super Runtz and Black Runtz are known for their high THC content, offering intense and long-lasting effects.

Is there a recommended Runtz strain for beginners?

For those new to cultivation, Runtz Auto can be an excellent option due to its simplicity of cultivation and fast cycle.

What makes the Super Runtz strain unique?

For its perfect balance between flavor and effect, with a high THC content and a rich and complex terpene profile.

What is the best Runtz strain for outdoor cultivation?

Pink Runtz shows exceptional performance outdoors, with the potential to produce more than 1000 g per plant.

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