Cherry Runtz (Elev8 Seeds) :: Cannabis Strain Info (2024)

Cherry Runtz is an indica/sativa variety from Elev8 Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±70 days), outdoors and in the greenhouse. Elev8 Seeds' Cherry Runtz is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Elev8 Seeds' Cherry Runtz Description

Cherry Runtz leverages the genetics of her legendary parent strains to produce huge levels of THC and stoning terpenes. Although small in size, plants have the potential to deliver heavy yields when trained at the hands of experienced growers. Learn everything you need to know about this strain, including her history, genetic lineage, physical characteristics, and effects.

History of Cherry Runtz

Cherry Runtz emerged from a breeding project conducted at Elev8 Seeds. Based in Seattle, Washington, this seed bank quickly gained recognition for its high-quality strains with exquisite terpene profiles. The founder, Matt, known within the company as the “mad scientist of Mary Jane”, has expressed his concerns about other businesses breeding for nothing but yield. In contrast, and by teaming up with the best breeders he could find, he set out with a mission to focus primarily on researching the flavor and effects of parent strains before carefully combining their attributes into world-class progenies. Cherry Runtz stems from such an experiment. As the offspring of Runtz and Cherry Pie, she possesses genetics from two of the most potent and flavorful cultivars available.

Genetic Lineage of Cherry Runtz

So, let’s take a closer look at the parents of Cherry Runtz.

Runtz goes by many titles, including Runtz OG and Gelato Zkittlez. Cookies Fam created this variety by crossing parents Zkittlez and Gelato—two cultivars that have dominated dispensary shelves in recent years. Unlike the old-school classic varieties that many cannabis users know and love, both Zkittlez and Gelato belong to a generation that, thanks to modern breeding efforts, provides much more intense terpene concentrations and far more THC. Runtz inherited a complex terpene profile from both parents and offers flavors of fruits, sweetness, and berries. Her euphoric and uplifting high and rewarding yields have attracted countless growers, and she won Leafly Strain of the Year in 2020.

Breeders at Elev8 Seeds viewed Cherry Pie as the perfect match for Runtz. Her slightly lower THC content of 16% would still contribute a degree of potency to the progeny, while her contrasting sweet and sour aromas and flavors would add more depth to its terpene profile. As the offspring of Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb, Cherry Pie possesses a balanced genetic profile and exerts a giggly, happy, and euphoric effect. This strain exhibits a bushy indica morphology that makes her suitable to grow in limited space. Meanwhile, her quick flowering time of 8–9 weeks attracts cultivators looking for quick turnover. While not as impactful as Runtz on the world of weed, Cherry Pie has still made her mark and managed to secure 3rd place in the Best Medical Sativa category at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2014.

Physical Characteristics of Cherry Runtz

Cherry Runtz possesses 75% indica genetics and 25% sativa, which equates to a bushy and compact shape. However, plants vary in size depending on their environment. Plants grown indoors in small containers will peak at 80–100cm, whereas those grown directly in the ground can reach 150cm when left untrained.

Regardless of their growing location, plants exhibit a dense canopy with plenty of lateral growth, thick stems, broad fan leaves with wide leaflets, and relatively short internodes. Although Cherry Runtz remains dark green throughout much of the growing cycle, the entire plant, from the leaves to the flowers, often takes on a deep purple color during the late flowering stage.

When it comes to inflorescences, Cherry Runtz produces small yet dense colas complete with a generous external layer of resin. As flowers mature, their sugar leaves become dark purple and their pistils orange, whereas the bracts often remain dark green, providing a nice visual contrast.

Properties and Effects of Cherry Runtz

You’re aware of the history and physical characteristics of Cherry Runtz, but how does it feel to smoke this strain? Well, her THC content of up to 25% will tell you most of what you need to know. Such a high concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoid exerts a fast-acting and long-lasting effect; even just a couple of hits from a sensibly-sized joint will get most users feeling elevated. But this molecule doesn’t work alone to produce the Cherry Runtz high. Her buds also possess a CBG content of 0.5–1%. It might not seem like much, but it’s enough to add an element of mental clarity and physical relaxation.

Finally, the terpenes within Cherry Runtz enter the fold to direct the high into a stoning, giggly, and sleepy direction. High concentrations of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool harmonize with THC and CBG to create a mellow state of body and mind while offering flavors of rose, berry, and lavender. Overall, Cherry Runtz goes down great as an afternoon and evening strain when you desire little else than to kick back and relax.

Uses of Cherry Runtz

Cherry Runtz' blissful, relaxing high is great for introspective solo sessions, or for sessions with a close friend or partner. In any case, you’ll feel a profound sense of serenity and ease. Don’t expect to be super energized in the strain's embrace, but that’s simply not what the Cherry Runtz experience is about.

More and more medical marijuana users report that these buds have utility when it comes to addressing certain symptoms. No studies exist that confirm Cherry Runtz can help with the following conditions, but anecdotal reports offer important insight into the first-hand experiences of users:

• Insomnia

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Low appetite

Though some medical users with anxiety may select these buds in an attempt to ease symptoms, the strain can also incite paranoia and anxiety when used in especially high doses or by those with a low tolerance.

Cultivation and Production of Cherry Runtz

Cherry Runtz grows well both indoors and outdoors, and her quick flowering time makes her suitable for cultivation in areas with a short growing season. Her hardy genetics also make her capable of withstanding less-than-desirable weather, from bouts of cloud cover and rain to hot spells. Plants benefit from a well-draining growing medium, biological inoculants such as mycorrhizal fungi, and frequent organic foliar feeds such as seaweed and fish emulsion.

Indoor plants grown under strong lights are capable of producing up to 600g/m² when all of their needs are met. Topping early in the vegetative stage will prompt plants to grow laterally, and additional training techniques, such as LST, will maintain aeration in the canopy while producing more uniform buds and higher overall yields. Outdoors, yields are equally or even more impressive.

Cherry Runtz: Delicious Serenity

Elev8 Seeds created Cherry Runtz by combining respected parent cultivars Runtz and Cherry Pie. Both of these strains have earned their fair share of awards on the competition circuit, and their key traits show up in Cherry Runtz. This strain offers enormous quantities of THC, trace levels of CBG, and a battery of terpenes that produce a stoning, happy, and giggly high. Plants are compact and take up little space, but have the potential to churn out heavy yields when looked after and trained appropriately.

Cherry Runtz (Elev8 Seeds) :: Cannabis Strain Info (2024)


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