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Your ideal mobile home is sure to be in our bargains

Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (1)

Mobil home Rapidhome New Valley NV82

  • 36 m2 living space
  • 4 people
  • 2 rooms
  • 2 bathrooms
Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (2)

Mobil home IRM Super Cordelia

  • 34 m2 living space
  • 6/8 people
  • 3 rooms
  • 1 bathroom
Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (3)

Mobil home IRM Riviera Suite

  • 32 m2 living space
  • 4/6 people
  • 2 rooms
  • 1 bathroom

Discover our mobile homes on special offer and all our good deals to buy your mobile home at the best price.

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The specialist in mobile home sales

At Monmobilhome, we specialise in the sale of mobile homes in the Landes, between Messanges and Vieux-Boucau. Since 2010, we've been offering new and used mobile homes on pitch, as well as mobile homes on clearance.
Are you looking for a mobile home for sale? Thanks to their experience in the field, our specialists can help you make your purchase a reality.

Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (4)

Looking for a mobile home for sale? Your future holiday home is right here!

Whatever you're looking for, Monmobilhome has the ideal mobile home for you. Thanks to its wide choice of brands, its numerous models for sale, and the equipment and options available (such as the air conditioning), we will be able to meet your requirements to the best of our ability.
So don't wait any longer, your next holiday starts here.

Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (5)

Second-hand mobile homes for sale, recent and in perfect condition

We have perfect traceability of every second-hand mobile homes that we sell. Bought new for one of our 3 campsites and maintained by us from day to day, these mobile homes are recent and in perfect condition, and are offered at second-hand prices.

Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (6)

New mobile homes for sale that look just like you

The best thing about buying a new mobile homeYou can choose the colours, the exterior cladding, put up curtains, and add options... There's something for everyone! When it's delivered, your second home will already be a reflection of you. Delivered and installed in one of our 4 or 5 star establishments by the sea, buy a mobile home at a campsite in the landeshas never been easier!
And because all our new mobile homes come with a wooden terrace. Your only "work" will be to enjoy it on a deckchair...

Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (7)

Will your mobile home be on site or to take away?

There are 2 possibilities in our choice of mobile homes for sale:
Buy a new mobile home ora second-hand on site at one of our 3 4- and 5-star campsites on the south coast of the Landes, set down your bags and enjoy all the benefits of the campsite (water park, nearby beach, restaurants, games, etc.).
Where to buy a new or used mobile homesecond-hand clearance and have it delivered wherever you want.

Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (8)

Professionals, get equipped with our mobile home destocking lots

Are you a professional looking for mobile homes for your activities? Whether as a single unit or per batchWhether new or used, we have a solution for every requirement. Depending on the model and the quantity required, we can offer you sliding-scale prices. Some of our mobile homes for sale are reserved for professionals!
Create your PRO account to find out about our business rates.

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The answers to your questions can probably be found in our FAQ section.

What are the advantages of buying a new mobile home?

Buying a new mobile home offers a number of advantages. New means no hidden defects. This means you can immediately enjoy a product in perfect condition. When you place your order, you can also personalise the mobile home to your taste. What's more, at Monmobilhome, a wooden deck is included with the purchase of each of our new mobile homes. Discover all our new mobile homes for sale.

What are the advantages of a used mobile home for sale?

At Monmobilhome there are many advantages to buying one of our used mobile homes.
The price, of course! Buying a second-hand model gives you the opportunity to become an owner at a lower cost. Because our used models are recent and well-maintained, they're a real bargain! What's more, second-hand mobile homes are available immediately, unlike their new equivalents, which have long delivery times. Discover all our second-hand mobile homes for sale.

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  • 10 years of expertiseAt your service
  • Exhibition centreto visit in the Landes
  • +500 mobile homesalready sold
  • Authorised dealer from the biggest brands
  • Premium mobile homeseco-designed, standardised & certified
Mobile Homes for Sale, New and Used | Monmobilhome (2024)


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