Orange and Ginger Kombucha Recipe - The Organic Goat Lady (2024)

Do you make your own Kombucha? Are you always on the look out for new Kombucha flavors? Are you looking for an Orange and Ginger Kombucha recipe?

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Then you have come to the right place! This is the one of many recipes to inspire you to make your own deliciously flavored Kombucha!

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I don’t know about you, but I love Kombucha! And I love trying new Kombucha flavors.

And even though I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a flavor that I didn’t like, this flavor is definitely one of my favorites!

It is also a favorite amongst my family.

They love the sweetness of the orange combined with the spicy warmth of the ginger!

Before you begin

How To Make Kombucha Tea

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But anyways, getting back to our yummy flavor, we aren’t going to talk about how to make kombucha today.

Instead we are focusing on how To flavor our Kombucha once it’s made! And not just any flavor, orange and ginger!

Just thinking about it makes me crave it!

Not only will you now have the health benefits of the kombucha, but the awesome health benefits of the fresh ginger root as well!

Ginger is great for so many things: digestion, nausea, fevers and inflammation just to name a few!

Flavoring Kombucha

What you will need

Ok, first let’s go over our ingredients and supplies.

If you are using the Continuous Brew System this will be really easy! With it’s easy fill spout, filling bottles is a dream!

Orange and Ginger Kombucha Recipe - The Organic Goat Lady (4)Orange and Ginger Kombucha Recipe - The Organic Goat Lady (5)

1. Bottles

I usually use bottles that I have saved from store bought Kombucha, or you can purchase these glass bottles that are the same size.

I also want to start experimenting with these swing top glass bottles to see if they will make a more fizzy second ferment. I will keep you posted with the results!

Orange and Ginger Kombucha Recipe - The Organic Goat Lady (6)Orange and Ginger Kombucha Recipe - The Organic Goat Lady (7)

2. Fresh Ginger Juice

I use my juicer to juice fresh ginger root.

If you don’t have a juicer or if you are not able to find pure ginger juice, then you can use a small piece of fresh ginger root.

About a quarter to an inch in length.

I do prefer the juice and I feel that you obtain more of the ginger’s health benefits from the fresh juice (as well as the flavor), but the root will still flavor your Kombucha.

3. Orange Juice

You can juice your own or buy store bought organic orange juice.

How To Flavor Kombucha

Ok, now that you have your few ingredients, let’s make delicious orange and ginger Kombucha!

1. First, add 1/4 tsp. to 1 tsp. ginger juice to your empty Kombucha bottles (or your piece of ginger root).

This really depends on your personal preference.

If you like spicy things then go for a whole teaspoon!

If you’re making it for your kids, then probably stick to a 1/4 teaspoon. It does not take much ginger to flavor Kombucha!

2. Next add about 2 to 3 ounces of orange juice to your bottles.

This is also according to taste.

I don’t usually measure it exactly, I just kind of eyeball it. The above picture shows how much I add to my bottles.

3. The last ingredient that you need to add is your prepared Kombucha!

Fill it all the way to the top.

4. And finally, you are going to screw on the lids and put your bottles in a dark cabinet.

You want to allow your Kombucha to complete it’s second ferment.

This will take anywhere from one to three days.

You need to leave it for at least a full 24 hours to give the Kombucha time to eat a portion of the natural sugars in the flavorings.

The longer you leave it the more fizzy it will be.

But do not leave it longer than the three days. Leaving it longer than the three days will increase the alcohol content of your Kombucha, making it unsafe for children.

And now you have delicious Orange and Ginger Kombucha!

Wasn’t that easy?!

How do you like this flavor combo?

Please leave me a comment below telling me how you enjoyed it!

If you would like to watch me make this recipe using the Kombucha Continuous Brew System then please subscribe below to get the FREE video!

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Orange and Ginger Kombucha Recipe - The Organic Goat Lady (2024)


What does ginger do to kombucha? ›

Adding ginger to kombucha might help with pain, decrease the chances of getting diabetes, protect against diseases like cancer, ease stomach problems, and help prevent heart disease.

How to Flavour kombucha with herbs? ›

Flavour your kombucha by directly adding fruits, juices, herbs, and spices into bottles or infusing them in another jar before bottling. If using juice, start with a 10%-20% juice-to-kombucha ratio. For herbs and fruits, experiment for desired taste. After a few days of infusing, strain and bottle.

Can you use orange juice for kombucha? ›

This delicious orange kombucha recipe can be made in 10 days at home using 1 Scoby (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast), starter tea (old kombucha you can get some from a friend or store-bought kombucha), tea bags, white sugar and 100% orange juice since we are making orange kombucha!

What does kombucha do to your bowels? ›

Kombucha may help with constipation by providing hydration and probiotics that promote gut health. Both may help a person pass stool more easily and regularly. A person may wish to consider talking with a doctor before adding kombucha to their diet, particularly if they want to try it for constipation relief.

Why can't you drink kombucha everyday? ›

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that four ounces of kombucha can be safely consumed one to three times a day. Overconsumption can lead to headache, nausea, gastrointestinal distress, or ketoacidosis.

What can you not mix kombucha with? ›

Disulfiram (Antabuse) interacts with KOMBUCHA

Disulfiram decreases the break-down of alcohol. Taking kombucha along with disulfiram can cause a pounding headache, vomiting, flushing, and other unpleasant reactions.

Why is my homemade kombucha bitter? ›

Over-steeping Your Tea

If properly steeped and well-brewed, tea elicits extraordinary flavor, but when that tea is over-steeped it can become very bitter and unpleasant. Over-steeping also leads to super strong, assertive kombucha with unpleasant bitter overtones.

When shouldn't you drink kombucha? ›

Although rare, there have been reported cases of severe allergic reactions, acidosis and liver complications due to potentially contaminated kombucha consumption ( 21 ). Since kombucha is unpasteurized and contains small amounts of caffeine and alcohol, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it as well ( 22 ).

Does kombucha cleanse the liver? ›

Detoxification. Enzymes and acids in kombucha can assist your liver as it gets rid of undesired compounds in your body, says Smith. Some research even suggests kombucha may have potential as a therapeutic dietary supplement to combat fatty liver disease.

How does ginger help in fermentation? ›

The basic principle is that ginger skin has a large number of bacteria and yeast that are ready to be activated. Mixing the ingredients together allows the water to be oxygenated, activating the micro-organisms and encouraging their multiplication.

Why does ginger make kombucha fizzy? ›

Lactobacillis bacteria and wild yeasts live naturally on ginger. These feed off the sugars in the bottled kombucha and adds carbonation as a by-product. As we want a healthy culture, it is important to use organic ginger so that is hasn't been treated with pesticides or irradiated.

What does ginger do for the gut? ›

Gingerol, a natural component of ginger root, benefits gastrointestinal motility ― the rate at which food exits the stomach and continues along the digestive process. Eating ginger encourages efficient digestion, so food doesn't linger as long in the gut. Nausea relief.

What does ginger do to bacteria? ›

Ginger's antimicrobial properties could make it useful for fighting bacterial and fungal infections. Laboratory studies have found it may be effective against: Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), which is responsible for a range of diseases. Escherichia coli (E. coli), a cause of intestinal infections.


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