Prop Firms that Use TradingView and How We Went the Extra Mile (2024)

Key Takeaways

  • TradingView’s Impact: TradingView offers a plethora of features, including user-generated scripts, customizable chart types, and advanced financial analysis tools, crucial for informed trading decisions.
  • TradeLocker Integration: FunderPro’s TradeLocker platform uniquely integrates TradingView, enhancing the trading experience with one-click trades and a seamless user interface.
  • Comprehensive Trading Solution: The combination of TradeLocker and TradingView offers a holistic trading environment, providing traders with both strategic analysis tools and efficient execution capabilities.

Would you step onto a busy road wearing a blindfold? Unlikely – and in the same way few traders would enter the markets uninformed. The data you collect, the market information you gain, and the price trends you anticipate – these will all increase your chances of a profitable trade. With data comes power. With data comes profit.

Enter TradingView. In its own words: “where the world does markets.” A bold claim, but the numbers are on its side: a staggering 50 million users globally visit the platform every month. No wonder traders are keen to stake their chances on prop firms that use TradingView.

Let’s Sprint Through TradingView’s Specs

  • Over 10 million user-generated scripts and ideas
  • 15+ customizable chart types, with up to 16 charts per tab
  • Create custom timeframes and mathematic formulas
  • Rewind the markets: visualize pricing data using Bar Replay
  • Cloud-based trading alerts to ensure no missed opportunities
  • Advanced financial analysis with 100+ fundamentals, historical data, & reports
  • Infinite visualization with PineScript behemoth graphic tools

As you can see, TradingView is a veritable armory of powerful charting features and functionality – an indispensable addition to any trader’s arsenal. Of course, what you cannot do directly onthe charting platformis execute trades. In order to fully utilize this program, you need to first connect your broker to access the markets. Which brings us to the purpose of this article about prop firms that use TradingView.

Prop Firms That Use TradingView

As the prop firm industry expands at a rapid clip, users are being overwhelmed with choice and conflicting platforms. Traders want to know which prop firm offers the best challenge, whether they use demo or live accounts, and, of course, the expected funding. In that context,traders tend tooverlook the importance of decent charting tools.

The Advantages of Price Charting Software

Why then should traders use charting software? Charting platforms like TV enable users to get a critical overview of the financial situation of the markets before executing trades. By leveraging powerful graphic tools, traders can visualize price trends of assets over time and make informed financial decisions. The more tech-savvy you are, the greater the capabilities offered by TradingView, you can begin to create your own scripts using the in-house programming language PineScript, or take advantage of the smart drawing tools to create your own custom charts.

At FunderPro, we ensure our traders have the best possible chances of success. To do this, we research the leading tools in the market and make premium software available to our traders. Ideally, we strive for as streamlined a process as possible, to avoid our traders having to sign in and out of disconnected platforms. Our in-house trading software, TradeLocker, has TradingView integrated into the platform itself, giving you access to some of the software’s functionalities straight from the trading platform.

The Power Duo: TradeLocker and TradingView

Why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds? FunderPro’s TradeLocker stands out in the crowd for its integration with TradingView. This collaboration doesn’t just provide access to charts; it revolutionizes the trading experience. Through TradeLocker, FunderPro can offer TV’s charting experience and traders can execute directly in the charts using one-click trades.

While many prop firms may claim to use TradingView, FunderPro takes this phrase to a new level. The charts on TradeLocker aren’t just a superficial overlay; they are an integral part of the platform. In contrast to other prop firms that use TradingView, FunderPro traders have the resources built into the prop firm itself.

TradeLocker: Next-Generation Trading Tech

Traders new to TradeLocker have a treat in store: the fast-evolving platform is enhancing its functionality at an accelerated rate. We are proud to host TradeLocker as our traders need tomorrow’s technology. Designed for the needs and strategies of modern traders, TradeLocker is built for mobile trading, interdevice migration, and fast execution of trades.

Streamlined for ultra-efficiency, traders can trade anytime, anywhere with fluid switching from no-download browser-based to powerful mobile app. Thanks to the integration, traders can access hundreds of prebuilt and customizable charts and indicators, and trade directly in the charts with 1-Click Trades. Let’s glimpse under the hood of our in-house trading platform:

  • Intuitive interface designed for novice to expert traders
  • Vast chart library powered by TradingView
  • Single order panel to monitor multiple trades
  • SL/TP calculator for data-driven decisions
  • Micro lots from 0.01 pips to minimize risk

Unlocking the TradeLocker Advantage: More Than Just Charting

  1. Technology You Can Trust: As the TradeLocker roadmap continues to evolve, we can be sure of our traders’ ability to access an increasing powerhouse of trading tools including TradingView. As it is our own platform, we can rise above industry products or trends and cater to the unique needs of our traders.
  2. Seamless User Experience: Integration doesn’t mean compromise. TradeLocker ensures that using TradingView charts is not an additional feature but an integral part of the trading journey.
  3. Holistic Trading Environment: Trading is not just about charts; it is about strategy, analysis, and execution. TradeLocker, with its integration of TradingView, provides an all-in-one trading portal where every tool you need is at your fingertips.


At FunderPro, we don’t follow the industry path, we set the trend. By using TradeLocker, we are demonstrating the unique benefits of using a platform with TradingView charting embedded into its core. Ever committed to innovation and independence, we will continue to evolve based on what our traders need, want, and deserve.

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Prop Firms that Use TradingView and How We Went the Extra Mile (2024)


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